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At Vote4JC are committed to promoting answers to critical social issues and strategies that will help to improve the lives of every citizen of the United States of America.  Jesus Christ loves this great country and through outreach and advocacy, we believe that we can make a huge difference on the outcome of our nation on November 4, 2008 and beyond!  Christians you are a holy nation within this great nation and you have the right, obligation and responsibility as citizens to promote the vision and values for America from a biblical world view.  

We believe JESUS CHRIST IS AMERICA'S REAL HOPE  FOR REAL CHANGE and we believe JESUS' views of life and liberty are what our forefathers, George Washington, Abe Lincoln and significant others fought and died for!

Christians, it is time for us to unify our stand and to work hard to make our towns, cities, states and country the best place in the world to live. We need to voice our views and hold our politicians to high standards and be a positive and valued advocate of much needed social change.

The Vote 4 JESUS CHRIST 2008 Campaign is heating up and we will be in your town or city this fall. It is our goal to promote the things Jesus Christ really cares about and provide you with important information on where each candidate stands. People, lets support the candidates that are promoting a vision for America that God has expected us as its proud and caring citizens to uphold.

Our volunteer base is growing rapidly as citizens across the country have found a voice and renewed sense of hope. You too can make a difference. PLEASE read our website throughly and then sign up for our "Vote Wisely, Now Vote!" and our "ACT 4 JC NOW!" campaigns, or simply call us to become one of thousands of volunteers who are making a huge difference in our communities, states and nation.

People, we can do this but we can not impact our communities alone. We need our citizens to step up to the plate and really get involved. Let's be real action heros and engage in much needed community action, prayer and thoughtful financial support. 

Vote 4 JESUS CHRIST 2008 Campaign friends, let's step it up and bring this crucial information to every American citizen who will listen today! 

Pastor Jim & Susannah Grier
Directors & Founders









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